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Slam XL Bluetooth Party Speaker


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  • Bluetooth technology : v5.0
  • Box Contents

  • KitSound Slam XL Bluetooth Party Speaker
  • The Slam XL speaker takes your party to the next level, with 100 W power, LED lights, strobes, and several mood-setting modes. It's time to meet a real party animal.

    Meet a real party animal

    It's time to take your party to the next level with the new Slam XL from KitSound. Big but more compact and portable than Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers, this is the boombox your parties and celebrations have been waiting for. You can become the host with the most and let loose a real party animal, with LED lights, strobes, and different modes to set the ideal atmosphere.

    Bringing the power

    Our audio experts have created a big speaker that completely transforms your home with 100 W power output and 2 x 5 inch full range drivers. Mains-powered means the party can continue night and day if you want it to, so you can make your lounge the new boombox with super deep bass that shakes the room with smooth sound quality throughout. 

    Set your own mood

    The Slam XL is bringing back the disco and it’s up to you to set the mood. You can recreate that club atmosphere with strobe lighting effects or mix and match with 3 party modes letting you choose the mode that suits your music and the Slam XL will match the lights to the beats. Then, when it’s time to wind it all down, you have the choice of several chill settings. If you are feeling brave, you also have the option to pair up another Slam XL for ultimate wireless stereo, for even bigger ear-shattering sound.

    Take full control

    We have designed the Slam XL with built-in track and volume controls and Bluetooth (of course), and with a range of up to 30 metres you can keep your device in a safe place whilst you skip the track, play or pause right from the Slam XL - control the tunes without even having to leave the dancefloor. We have also included a carry handle so you can take your music into the next room … or the next

    You had better make some room, the Slam XL is about to crash the party.


    • Bluetooth technology: v5.0
    • Bluetooth range: up to 30 m
    • Frequency response: 50 Hz – 18 kHz
    • Drivers: 2 x 5.25 inch full range
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB
    • Output RMS 2 x 50 W @ 4 ohm
    • Dimensions: H 189 mm x W 473 mm x D 252 mm
    • Weight: 4.8 kg

    (Note: this is mains-powered only)

    Strobe lights have been known to trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. The Slam Xl has been designed so that the strobe lights only flash in synchronization to a maximum of 4 flashes per second and no longer than 30 seconds at this flash rate following guidance from UK guidelines

    If you find yourself or someone else effected by the strobe lights


    • Cover one eye, turn away from the Slam Xl and leave the room
    • Short press strobe lights (6) to turn off the strobe lights
    • Closing both eyes or turning your eyes in another direction will not help



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    May 7th, 2019
    Dominic Chapman on 
    From the minute I got a hold of the box, I was impressed and very excited because I am a huge fan of audio, especially when it comes to products that offer to pack a punch. Opening the box I was greeted by a very well packaged speaker complete with a power cable and user manual. This beast is no small Bluetooth speaker, which I'm quite used to seeing, no as the name implies it's an XL beast, which is no surprise given the drivers it's packing. It's clear to see that this is designed to be sat in a room full of people blearing out music. While it's not portable in the sense of putting it in a bag, it is designed to be taken places and as such has a built-in handle just for that. It's also really light, making it very easy to carry.

    The lighting mode is a fantastic feature that takes this from just a plain speaker to an incredible setup, perfect for small house parties. There are a few colors and modes as well as some separate strobe lighting for fans of white flashes. Audio quality is stunning, both when connected via Bluetooth or AUX cable. The bass is really packing, so much so that it makes my floor rumble. Overall I would recommend this to anyone considering it. It's simply one of the best speakers I own. it's an all in one party machine.


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